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Hi everyone!

I hope you all are doing well.  The Tri- State Rodeo in Fort Madison was a hit!  I was able to be there Sept 6th through the 8th.  It was the first time in history that all three state titleholders were able to be at this rodeo.  So it was pretty exciting and an honor for Miss Rodeo Missouri, Ashleigh Woolmaker, Miss Rodeo Iowa, Rachel Burton, and I to be apart of history in the making.  Our Lady-In-Waiting Miss Rodeo Illinois 2013, Cassandra Spivey was able to be there with me along with our Miss Rodeo Teen Illinois 2012 and 2013, Mikhayla DeMott.  We were all able to ride in the Fort Madison Parade and while at the rodeo I was able to help run sponsorship flags and helped push steers. Thank you so much to the Miss Rodeo Iowa Association Board and Cervi’s Rodeo Co. for allowing me to be there and help.  All of Cervi’s stock did great and it was another amazing rodeo put on by them!  Congratulations to Kara Telfer, Miss Rodeo Iowa 2013, Paige Pauley, Miss Teen Rodeo Iowa 2013, and Shayla Reed.  All of the contestants did a great job!  September 10th I had a meeting with the Governor’s Office at the Illinois State Capitol Building.  We discussed the current rodeos in our state.  What activities the Governor is involved in within the rodeo and agriculture industries, and what he could possibly get involved in the future.  We also worked on ideas for rodeos throughout our state.  For next year I am already working on two rodeos and would like to see more rodeos within the Great Lakes Circuit.  I had a blast getting to talk with everyone and seeing our State Capitol Building.  Did you know Illinois State Capitol Building is an almost identical replica of our Nations Capitol except for the details inside?  It was like stepping back into time and a great feeling looking at everything from our history.  September 28th through the 30th I headed to Gordyville USA to the Illinois NBHA State Show.  It was great to see everyone and while there I was able to do a drawing for a donated stud fee. Congratulations to Tammy Seggebruch for she was the winner of the drawing!  Thank you for your support.  October 22nd, I headed to Monticello High School to talk to students for their Red Ribbon Week.  While there I shared some of my life stories and how no matter what you’re going through in life that in order to continue to grow as a person you must take any negative energy and turn it into something positive and that’s going to benefit you.  I had multiple students come up and ask questions after speaking to them.  And I even had a few students asking questions about rodeo.  This was a great way for me to educate the kids and hopefully make a difference in their life.  November 2nd through the 4th I was back in Rantoul, IL “Gordyville USA,” for the Central States Finals Rodeo put on by the Central States Rodeo Association.  I was asked to carry the American Flag and lead the contestants during the Grand Entry.  There were five contractors there that weekend.  All of the stock did great and were a blast to watch!  What an amazing weekend it was!  A great turnout of fans, cowboys, and cowgirls!  Thank you all for coming out.  Thank you to Gordyville USA and all of the livestock contractors for letting me help with the Central States Finals Rodeo!  To all of the sponsors who helped put on another great rodeo.  Rodeo Clown and Barrel Man Mike Wentworth you did a great job! And Dusti and Justin thank you for all of your help and letting me ride Fella.  November 17th was my Send Off Celebration for Vegas my parents were kind enough to help me with this.  Thank you Sandbur Tack for letting me host it at your store.  Thanks to everyone who came to support me as well.  And to Rebecca Russell for being my emcee.  This is where I got to show off my dresses and chaps made by Jill Bailey of Diamond J Leather of Montana. We held a silent auction and had a delicious meal prepared by Kelly Pool with Custom Creations.  Cassandra Spivey our Lady-In-Waiting and Mikhayla DeMott Miss Rodeo Teen Illinois 2012 and 2013 did a great job modeling with me and talking about their goals for next year.  It was a fun time and great seeing everyone.

In a couple of weeks I will be seeing you all in Las Vegas Nevada at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant and Wrangler National Finals Rodeo as I compete for the title of Miss Rodeo America 2013!  This year has gone by too quickly.  I remember this time last year listening to Tracy Damrell tell all of us young ladies, “The next year will go by so fast.  Embrace each moment.”  I have had the experience and opportunity of a lifetime representing the state of Illinois as a spokesperson and ambassador for rodeo and agriculture industries and I hope to have the opportunity to continue to do so.  I have met so many amazing people throughout my state, our country, and from all over the world that you all will hold a special place in my heart.  To every man, woman, and child that I was able to shake your hand and have you ask me questions, thank you.  Thank you to all of the livestock contractors, announcers, and anyone who let me saddle up and get on your horses.  To my sponsors and the sponsors of each and every rodeo in my state and our country, thank you without your support it would not be possible to put on these performances and to continue the success of each rodeo and also for me to have had the opportunity I have had.  To the Miss Rodeo Illinois Association Board Members, thank you all for your love and support and choosing me to take on the job as Miss Rodeo Illinois 2012 it has been an astounding experience and not a job but a privilege. To my family and friends, thank you for all of your love and support as well.  To my parents, you have taught me many things throughout my life and have been the best parents a young woman could ask for.  Thank you and I love you!  I truly appreciate all of your dedication, time, and hard work in all that you do.  Thank you all for supporting me throughout my reign.  When I began my reign at the beginning of the year my goals were to be the best spokeswoman representing the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, Miss Rodeo America Inc., and Miss Rodeo Illinois Association that I possibly could be.  To gain new sponsorship for the next Miss Rodeo Illinois and for the Association.  To be a role model for people of all ages while most importantly remaining true to my state, country, and myself. As I head to Las Vegas I will strive to ensure that the spirit of the sport of rodeo continues to live the legacy.  It has truly been an honor. 

Love Always & God Bless,

Jeannette Hull
Miss Rodeo Illinois 2012 
_ _ _

Hello Everyone! 

Wow, the month of August flew by. This month was exceptionally special to me since I had rodeos in my home state to attend. The weekend of August 17th- 19th I was in Quincy, Illinois, for Ethan’s Rodeo. Ethan Weiman was diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma in July 2007. Ethan fought an amazing battle for 2 years. Ethan’s cancer was treated primarily at St. Louis Children Hospital. The treatment required hospital visits for scans, checkups, labs, and treatment of infections. During his initial hospital stay, a combination of watching the movie “Dreamer” and losing his hair prompted Ethan to ask for a cowboy hat. He got boots, western shirts, and a belt buckle that he wore daily. He began to hint that he’d like to have a horse for his Make-A-Wish. Ethan’s horse, Sodador, was waiting to greet him after a trip to Philadelphia trip for special treatment. Ethan and Sonador became immediate friends. He liked to go on trail rides, feed him horse treats, and play him songs on his harmonica. Ethan eventually traded his red cowboy hat for a black one, which he wore with pride. Ethan’s Rodeo is a celebration of the cowboy spirit and a way of continuing the fight against neuroblastoma. All proceeds from Ethan’s Rodeo will be donated to research of neuroblastoma, which is responsible for approximately 15% of all childhood cancer deaths. While there I saw my friend, Ashleigh Woolmaker, Miss Rodeo Missouri, and got to meet Miss Teen Rodeo Missouri, Lorna Dreyer. I was able to ride in the grand entry, sign autographs, and throw t-shirts during intermission. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Frazier for letting use your horse for grand entry. He was a blast to ride! A special thank you to the Ethan’s Rodeo Committee for allowing me to come and help with your rodeo. I had a great time and met some amazing people that will forever be in my heart.

The same weekend I met with Jessy Hagey of J-Le Photography to take pictures for the 2013 Illinois Cowboys and Cowgirls calendar. I also, met with Paul Staske at the Lieb Farm to do a photo shoot with buffalo for my Miss Rodeo America program ad featuring Illinois as the “Prairie State.”

That next Friday I met with the Mayor of Bloomington Mr. Steve Stockton to discuss getting more rodeos within the state of Illinois going. I am extremely excited for the upcoming years within the state of Illinois to see how much the rodeo and agriculture industries will be growing. I hope to take this to the next level and see more rodeos within our country! That weekend I headed to Cowden, Illinois, for the Cowden Pioneer Days and Rodeo. I didn’t know a little town of 600 could put on such a BIG rodeo!  The people there were full of hospitality and so kind. Keith Wooten was kind enough to let me use his horse as I led in all of the contestants for grand entry. The next day I headed to Marion, Illinois, to Rent One Park, home of the Southern Illinois Miners to throw the first pitch of the game and watch the Miners take on the Thunderbolts. There were over 3,000 people there to cheer on the Miners! While there Mike Ventola, director of radio broadcasting and media relations and I did a radio interview talking about my year as Miss Rodeo Illinois, PRCA and the Miss Rodeo America pageant, and where I was headed after the Miner’s Game. Thank you Rent One Park and the Southern Illinois Miners for your hospitality and allowing me to come out to educate the people of southern Illinois about the rodeo industry. 

Well, in less than a week I’ll be at the Tri- State Rodeo, C.E. “Eddie” Richard’s Arena in Ft. Madison, Iowa! Come on out to cheer on all of the cowboys and cowgirls. Please visit www.tristaterodeo.com for details and information about this rodeo.   

Until Next Time, Jeannette Hull, Miss Rodeo Illinois 2012

- - - - -

Hello cowboys, cowgirls, and RODEO FANS!  I just got off of the plane in Denver Colorado and am heading up to Cheyenne Wyoming for the “Daddy of ‘em all!”  I will be here from Thursday July 26th until Sunday July 29th!  Tonight I’ll make it in time to introduce myself and see Journey, Pat Benatar, and Loverboy and mee t my host family.
Well I just left the concert and what a blast it was!  Tomorrow is a pretty packed day and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Friday July 27th- Today we went downtown to help with the pancake breakfast.  I quickly learned to feed over 10,000 people you must pour, flip, and throw pancakes pretty fast!  I got to watch the Native Americans perform some of their dances.  Then we went to the two museums to sign autographs.  Afterwards we headed to the sponsor tent to grab a bit to eat before the rodeo.  At the Rodeo we rode in the grand entry on a wagon and were introduced in front of all of the fan and got to go around the famous track there at the arena!  Then I was off to do a radio interview where I talked about my favorite thing about Cheyenne so far and took a daring impromptu question.  None of the other girls would do it… It was fun!  Then we headed to talk to sponsors, sign autographs, and thank them for their involvement and coming out to the rodeo to support it.  After the rodeo we signed autographs with all of the cowboys. 

Before going to the Chris Young and Hank Williams Jr. concert we went to a local restaurant called Little Bear with my Dan Post Boots sponsor Greg Hensley.  We all were feeling pretty daring and tried Rocky Mountain Oysters for the first time!  After dinner we headed to the concert!  We got to go on stage and introduce ourselves in front of all of the fans!  This was so much fun to be in front of so many people!  The next day I got to ride in the parade.  We started in front of the Capitol Building and went through the city.  Their parade had around 150 different floats, businesses, and organizations in it.  It so much fun to ride through the parade and see all of the kids and how excited they were to see all of us queens from around the country.  And everyone commented on my chaps made by Jill Bailey.  Did you know that everyone that is involved with Cheyenne Frontier Days are volunteers?  Isn’t it amazing that when that many people come together what you can accomplish?  After the parade we had lunch and then headed to the rodeo. 

At the rodeo we got to ride in the grand entry again then headed to do some more P.R. work with the sponsors.  We were taken behind the chutes where we got to watch bareback and saddlebronc.  Afterwards we headed to the Native America Village. I was so excited about this!  During our time there I heard one of the gentlemen play Amazing Grace on his flute.  This song means a lot to my family and I.  It was so neat to hear it on a flute.  I got to watch their dances and learn why they wear some of the different article of clothing.  Later they had us come out and we got dance with them in a dance they dedicated to us for coming out.  It was called, “The Honor Dance.”  Afterwards they all thank us again for coming.  It was so kind of them to recognize us and I was honored to meet them and learn from them.  After the rodeo we signed autographs and then headed to Arlene’s to have dinner.  We got to see her museum. WOW! She has done it all! 

That night we went to the David Nail and Blake Shelton concert.  And I was honored to be able to get on stage and introduce myself again.  Blake’s Stage had a runway coming down into the audience so it was kind of fun to be right there with everyone.  The crowd was so excited from the rodeo and to get to listen to these two top performers right now!  Sunday July 29th- The final day of the rodeo and the championships!  We had a free morning so I met up with some of my sponsors before lunch.  Grabbed lunch with everyone in the sponsors booth.  We had a delicious meal from OutBack Steakhouse.  And it was yummy!  Then I rode in the grand entry and got to watch the rodeo.  While in Cheyenne I met people from around the world!  A couple from Germany and a family from France. Their little girl was so excited to see a rodeo queen.  There I found many people from Illinois who come out for the rodeo every year!  Afterwards I was homeward bound. 

Until We Meet Again….
 Love Always,
 Jeannette Hull

` ` ` `

June 21st- the 23rd was the 58th Piatt County TrailBlazer’s Rodeo!  I was honored to ride in the grand entry and do a few queen laps.  This rodeo is so special to me because I have been a member and was the 2007 P.R.C.A. Piatt County TrailBlazer Rodeo Queen.  The members of this organization are extremely welcoming and love the sport of rodeo.  They are extremely involved within their community and work year round with their sponsors.  And they always keep their queen busy with school visits, radio, and TV interviews, hospital, and nursing home visits as well.  While there I sold programs for the spectators.  I got to see all of my local cowboys and cowgirls and my family!  To me being Miss Rodeo Illinois is about doing whatever it takes to keep rodeo alive within my state and country.  Therefore each rodeo I go to gives me the opportunity to educate new spectators about this sport. Well soon I’ll be off to the “Daddy of ‘em all!” Cheyenne Wyoming!  I can’t wait to tell you about this trip!
So I’ll leave you with this. “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love Always & God Bless,
 Jeannette Hull
Miss Rodeo Illinois 2012

` ` ` ` `

Spring Fever has arrived!  Well for this cowgirl anyways!  The Illinois Horse Fair was held in Springfield, IL on March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. I was honored to be able to be there for the entire time.  This year the Horse Fair was so special to me because I was able to help with the first ever Miss Illinois Horse Fair Queen Pageant.  They had a total of 14 extremely talented young ladies this year!  During the allotted time period I was able to help with their horsemanship, appearance, public speaking, interview questions, public interaction, and anything else these ladies had questions in regards to.  During my time at the Horse Fair I signed autograph sheets and met with a lot of my sponsors and gained quit a few as well.  I saw so many familiar faces and was able to educate while spending quality time with everyone. 

Pam Sigler a past Miss Rodeo Illinois was in charge of putting on this pageant for the first time.  Rebecca (Kloker) Russell, Miss Rodeo Illinois 2009 was one of the judges.  Robin DeMott my National Director and a past Miss Rodeo Illinois was one of the guest speakers along with Brooke Owen Miss Rodeo Illinois 2011.  Katie Lea Chaffin, Miss Rodeo Illinois 2010 was there to help as well as many other great horsewomen.  I want to personally congratulate Anne Marie Connelly for being crowned the first ever 2012 Miss Illinois Horse Fair Queen.  All of the ladies who participated did such a wonderful job.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this pageant possible.  I had an amazing time at the Illinois Horse Fair and look forward to my involvement within my state and country. 

The following weekend I headed to Monticello, IL to the Piatt County TrailBlazers to help with their auction where the following weekend my fundraiser would be held.  I had a wonderful time with everyone. Monday I headed over to the Monticello High School with the Farm Bureau and Ag Leaders of Illinois to educate students about Rodeo, Agriculture, and continuing education.  Here we played trivia games about agriculture and rodeo.  And I handed out information about Southern Illinois University- Carbondale’s Agriculture programs.  March 13th was my mom’s birthday. The family and I had a wonderful evening together. The next day I was off to do a radio interview at WIXY Country Classics 99.1.  I met with Gale Cunningham to do a segment on Miss Rodeo Illinois to talk about what I’ve been doing and my upcoming fundraiser.  This was special to me because this radio station is an agriculture based radio station and it allowed me to promote both the Rodeo and Agriculture industry.  I also was able to talk about my sponsors. While there Gale introduced me to many radio personal that are extremely involved within central Illinois. 

The next day I headed to Clinton, IL to Ted’s Garage to do a fundraiser.  If you ever get a chance to eat here it is DELICIOUS!!! Ted’s Garage is a 50’s styled diner with exceedingly original and authentic food.  Throughout the week I made many trips to my sponsors some including Blue Ridge Backwoods, Precision Soya, Heath’s John Deere Dealership, and Rick Ridings Ford Dealership.  Rick Ridings allowed me to display an electronical billboard off interstate 72 one of the main interstates running through Illinois!  Thank you SO MUCH for all of your support! 

Saturday was the BIG DAY!!! My fundraiser was finally here!  Staske’s Photography came and brought “Witty Winks!”  The only photo booth on wheels without the booth!  It can take pictures and print them off within seconds!  Tom Stock with 8 Second’s Mechanical Bull came prepared with his mechanical bull ready for any cowboys and cowgirls who were brave enough to get on!  The Piatt County TrailBlazers provided a mouth-watering meal of salad, ham, potatoes, the works!  The band Concordia came to play.  And boy oh boy can they pick on a guitar and sing like no other! It was such a blast!  And last but not least with the help of so many friends, family, and supporters I was able to raise a lot of money to help me travel this year as Miss Rodeo Illinois.  Thank you everyone who helped make this night possible.  I’m so blessed to have you all apart of my life and to have your support in everything I do.  

May 5th I headed to Horse Creek Outfitters in Springfield, IL.  They’re one of my sponsors and one of my favorite Western Stores in Illinois!  They always have the newest Wrangler Rock 47’s, boots, hats, belts, and jewelry!  If you stop in here you’re sure to leave with the newest fashion on the market!  I signed autographs and got to hangout with everyone working and all of the shoppers!  And of course me being the sales person that I am I had to try to sell to the shoppers.  And it worked!  I sold a gentleman a pair of boots!  

The next weekend I was off to Black Hawk College to the Sharon Camarillo Clinic.  Wow!  What an experience this was!  I took my colt I’ve been working with and we knocked off quite a bit of time with the help from Sharon, Storme Carmarillo, and Donna Irvin.  Sharon also critiqued me on my horsemanship.  These women are amazing horseman.  If you ever get a chance to work with any of them you and your horse will forever benefit from this.  I learned so much and am so thankful for all of their help.  And am honored I was able to spend the weekend working with them all. 

May 14th I started my six month internship with the Global Seed Production Company Pioneer Hi-bred International Inc.  I headed to their Corporate Headquarters in Johnston Iowa.  While here I was able to tour their facility, talk with the International Crop Production Developer, and I did some networking.  This training was immensely helpful as it prepared me for leading a summer crew.  It taught me about safety, communication, teamwork, and how quality is extremely important to Pioneer. Friday

June 8th I drove to meet up with my friend Rachel Burton, Miss Rodeo Iowa and we drove out to North Platte, Nebraska.  Which is home to Nebraskaland Days, I was there June 9-13.  And of course we had to make a pit stop out at The Fort Western Store for some shopping!  It’s one of my favorite Western Stores in our country!  This would be the third time I’ve been there and of course it was worth it!  I shared my wonderful host family with Rachel.  I got to drive my host dad’s BRIGHT yellow Chevrolet Corvette!  They were all pretty impressed that I could drive a stick shift especially since it was a modified clutch where the gears were closer together.  And did I mention I didn’t even kill it?  Here in Nebraska we went and toured the Golden Spike which is the World’s most famous train station.  I got to learn the story behind this station and how over generation after generation it has evolved.  One lady told me how her great grandfather worked for the Golden Spike along with her grandfather, father, brothers, and husband.  It’s pretty amazing how our country has come so far throughout the years.  While in North Platte I signed over 700 autograph sheets!  I got to push Miss Emily through the downtown parade.  She was such a sweet young lady and told me someday she wanted to make a difference it someone’s life.  Little did she know… that little girl already did. While downtown we did some P.R. work meeting with sponsors and signing autographs.  What a blast and honor it was being in Nebraska!  One of the local shops was generous enough to donate coffee to us all since we were on the go!  And we stopped in to see the local chiropractor for an adjustment.  Which I needed immensely.   It was so kind of him to donate his time to all of us girls. 

During my time in Nebraska we headed to Buffalo Bill’s Ranch also known as Scout’s Rest Ranch.  William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody was an American Soldier, showman, and bison hunter.  This is how he received his name “Buffalo Bill.”  He served in the US Army.  Being here at his ranch I learned a little piece of history and was an honor to take part in touring his ranch.  While in Nebraska I helped auction off items in their auction.  It was so fun showing off all of the cool merchandise the Miss Rodeo Nebraska Association had!  Then it was off to the Miss Rodeo Nebraska 2013 Pageant!  I got to dance prior to the fashion show, model down their runway, and we all got to show off our chaps.  The state of Nebraska as usual was so warm hearted and welcoming.  I had an amazing time and hope to be back soon! 

Well I’m off again!  That night I headed back to my home state due to I was off to judge the Illinois High School Rodeo Queen Pageant.  Sixteen hours later and I was off to judge and watch from the other side of the arena, stage, and table.  All of the ladies did such a wonderful job and were a blast to be around!  Jacy Littrell was crowned Illinois High School Rodeo Queen 2012-2013.  Congratulations girl!  And good luck at Nationals!  While in Altamont, home of the Illinois High School Rodeo State Finals I signed autographs.  Rodeo Ready T-Shirts made me a pretty cool Miss Rodeo Illinois shirt! And I even got my little mare a personalized bronc halter.  I made some queen laps around the arena.  And I ALONE raised over $800 dollars in two days for the Illinois High School Rodeo Association!  I love helping others for a great cause!  Plus this money will go towards their awards.  Therefore, I hope that these students continue to participate in rodeo for years to come.  While selling tickets I saw many families I’ve seen come out to the rodeo for years and there were new faces as well.  It was an honor to walk around and talk to people educating them about rodeo. And to help with a local rodeo!  Thank you everyone who came out to support the 2012 Illinois High School Rodeo!  Good luck to everyone this year!

God Bless & Happy Trails,
 Jeannette Hull

` ` ` ` `

Spring Travels

After returning home from Bulls N’ Broncs it was time to get ready for Kissimmee Florida!  The forecast was looking bright for the sunshine state.  The only place in Florida I had been prior to this rodeo was Pensecola when we took a BIG loop around the country in 2008 to get to Houston Texas for the National P.A.S. Competition.  So it had been a while since I had been to Florida and boy oh boy did Mr. & Mrs. Laura Kessler have a fun filled week planned for all of us state representatives!  I left on February 12th and came back home on February 19th.  My week started off with me flying out of a small airport in Owensboro Kentucky.  The airport was so small that literally every person I saw I was able to talk to about where I was heading, what I was doing there, and what I do as Miss Rodeo Illinois.  A great place to witness and educate people… airports… who would’ve thought?!  Flying into Orlando my heart was racing as I could see the palm trees! I’m here I thought to myself!  Once I landed, I was greeted by my host mom Deon and host dad Jimmy Kempfer and their two adorable children Colton and RaeLyn.  On the way to their ranch the scenery was absolutely beautiful.  It reminded me of home but also had a fun twist of the jungle look with all of the different types of trees.  The Kempfer Ranch has been in their family for hundreds of years.  Originally with over 100,000 acres to manage it was an honor to be able to stay at their ranch and not to mention Deon was a past Miss Rodeo New Mexico.  As we were pulling into the ranch we all spotted 22 wild hogs running across the road.  This was AWESOME!  I knew later in the week we would be going wild hog hunting so this was just a little taste as to what we would be doing.  We arrived at the homestead and unpacked all of my belongings.  Then they took me around the ranch to see their livestock and land.  Being the agriculture advocate that I am I was amazed by the soil composition and the ability to grow such diverse crops in this state.  We truly are blessed to live in a country that can provide food for ourselves and other countries globally as well. 

We saw a few more hogs. I got to bottle feed two calves with the Colton and RaeLyn.  They showed me one of the pump systems and ditches they use when it is hurricane season.  Monday morning it was off to Harmony Community School.  This was my first school visit for the week it was special to me because no other state queen was there yet.  Therefore, I was the only out of state queen.   I was able to hang out with all of the Silver Spurs ladies and get to know them.  The children were a blast to be around.  We explained each Rodeo event to them, had them help act out the events.  We had some pretty fast little barrel racers and bulldoggers.  The kids were amazed that I was from Illinois.  Some of them have never seen snow before so explaining this was quit funny as you can imagine.  But being in southern Illinois and less than an hour away from Kentucky we had very little snow compared to the rest of the state this year.  We wrapped things up at Harmony Community School and headed over to Fat Boy’s Bar-B-Q for lunch.  Then we were off to Lakeview Elementary School.  The kids knew a lot about the Silver Spurs Rodeo. I was extremely impressed!  A lot of them even promised me they would be at the Rodeo with their families and come see me!  After our school visits at Lakeview our day was over and it was back to the ranch to kick off my boots and wait patiently for the other girls to get there.  Kim Miss Rodeo Wyoming, Kylie Miss Rodeo Washington, Sierra Miss Rodeo Nebraska, and Danika Miss Rodeo New Mexico were all staying with me at the Kempfer Ranch.  I was so excited to see these girls!  A month had been way too long.  Tuesday was Valentine’s Day!  First we headed off to Narcoossee Elementary School then to Partin Settlement School.  It was extremely rewarding to have children want to sit and talk to you all day.  To sit with the kids and have them ask questions, admire you, and you can see the excitement in their eyes.  It fills my heart.  To see that when they’re talking about Rodeo, to get them hooked at a young age, that’s how we keep Rodeo alive in our country!  It’s generation after generation living this lifestyle that I love and am so proud to represent.  Later that night we headed to the Arena for the 52nd Miss and Little Miss Silver Spurs Pageant.  Backstage we were anxiously waiting to be introduced on their runway.  Walking down their runway in Florida as Miss Rodeo Illinois was an honor and I’m so thankful I was able to do so.  All of the contestants did such a wonderful job with their speeches, impromptu questions, and modeling.  I know from a judge’s stance this would not be an easy pageant to judge.  All twelve of the little girls were absolutely adorable and extremely enthusiastic!  Melissa Albert was crowned as the 2012 Miss Silver Spurs.  She did a great job competing and was a blast to spend time with during the week I was there.  Courtney Clair was crowned as the 2012 Little Miss Silver Spurs.  Her bubbly personality was so cute to watch as we went to schools throughout the week.  Deon and Jimmy were kind enough to let me take one of their trucks for the week so it was pretty handy being able to run around.  We headed back to the ranch after the pageant.  Since Deon was a past Miss Rodeo New Mexico it was really special to me to be able to hear her stories from when she traveled representing her state.  To see her scrapbook and chaps literally brought tears to my eyes.  I truly appreciate all of the advice she gave me while spending the week with her.  Wednesday morning we were off to Hickory Tree Elementary School.  Here something happened that really hit my heart.  After visiting the classrooms I had a teacher pull me aside and tell me one of her students was originally from Illinois that her parents relocated to Florida for a job.  But not too long after getting the job they became homeless due to our economy and businesses closing.  My heart sank to hear this.  This is happening all across our country.  Therefore, it’s important for children to have some form of extracurricular activity to go to.  Rodeo is a great way for kids to get involved and it develops into a lifetime of friends and family.  After our school visit we headed over to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office where we met Sheriff Hansell.  Here we took a tour of their crime scene lab.   It’s amazing the technology they have and what they are capable of doing.  I felt pretty safe here.  Thank you Laura Kessler and Sheriff Hansell for taking good care of us!  After our meet and greet we headed over to Napleton Dodge to sign autographs and help promote their business since they are such a generous sponsor of the Silver Spurs Rodeo. K92 FM was there and I was able to do a radio interview to talk about the rodeo, what state I was representing, what it takes to be a rodeo queen, and what we do as rodeo queens.  This day was a blast!  Could this week get any better?  I thought to myself.  Thursday we were off bright and early to Westside School, St. Thomas Aquinas, Celebration Community School, and Flora Ridge School.  For lunch we had a famous delicious meal homemade from Clemie Jo.  Holy Cow can she cook!  Later we went out on the Airboats.  This was peaceful to glide on top of the water and to enjoy the beautiful scenery and see one of the largest swamps in our country.  Wait! Did I mention everywhere I looked I saw Alligators?  I bet you were wondering when they would be brought up.  Well I finally was able to see REAL LIVE ALLIGATORS!! I’m talking thirteen footers just like what you see on Swamp People.  The way they move was so cool to watch!  While out on the airboats I learned that airboats can travel on both land and water.  That the swamps we were in range from grassland to a couple feet deep, to ten feet plus.  That there are all kinds of fish, snakes, and of course the awesome gators!  And to top it off … if you measure from the eye of the alligator to the snout of the alligator however many inches there are then that is approximately how many feet long the alligator will be.  So if you measure twelve inches then the alligator will be close to twelve feet long.  Later that night we went to The Catfish Place.  Here I tried alligator for the first time and it was amazing.  It does not taste like chicken at all.  It has its own taste and texture.  But I definitely recommend trying it if you ever get a chance.  I also had some of their famous gumbo. Friday morning I headed over to Lake X Ropes Challenge Course.  Here I got to go rock climbing, zip lining, out on the lake to take a tour of their property, we did team building activities, and wrapped up our time there with a delicious homemade meal by Laura Kessler.  Lake X was special because the officers put on a camp for boys and girls.  Anything for kids to go and be active outdoors and learn about the wilderness is beneficial.  It was an honor to spend the day with the officers and hear their involvement within their community.  Friday at the Rodeo it was tough enough to wear pink!  I was honored to be introduced.  All of us ladies got to sign autograph sheets, talk to the audience and thank them for coming out to the rodeo, and talk to sponsors in the skyboxes as well.  That night six of us went out to the Kempfer Ranch and went WILD HOG HUNTING!  We took this buggy looking truck out in the middle of nowhere with no lights.  We did have spotlights to shine with us though.  It was so foggy you could barely see your hands in front of your face.  This was AWESOME!  Then we had our dogs with GPS Tracking collars on them and under our buggy we had crates for the hogs we would catch.  The first hog took us a while to find because the dog had chased him far into the woods. We finally caught up to them roped him and put him in the crates.  But the second one we tracked down went a little easier my friend Sierra Miss Rodeo Nebraska showed her skills by quickly chasing him through the pasture and roping him.  What I found really neat is that they will rope the hogs verses shooting them.  Then they will grain feed them and donate them to homeless shelters or people in need of food.  Saturday morning we headed to Coco Beach on our way we swung by the famous Ron John’s Surf Shop to grab some souvenirs for friends and family back home. We were able relax by the ocean and soak up some of Florida’s famous rays.  That night we had our second performance and once again I was honored to be introduced as Miss Rodeo Illinois 2012.  That night I saw some of the students from the schools I visited while in the area.  Sunday morning we headed to the airport and it was off to my home state Illinois.  While in Florida I was reassured that being Miss Rodeo Illinois is not about myself it’s about what I can do for this industry, and educating every chance I get.  Thank you to the Silver Spurs Rodeo Committee and Mr. and Mrs. Laura Kesler for inviting me to help with the Silver Spurs Rodeo.  Napleton Dodge, K92 FM, and all of the sponsors who helped make this week possible. Osceola County Sheriff’s Office for letting me come and take a tour of your facility and having me out to Lake X.  To the citizens of Kissimmee for coming out to the rodeo you were so welcoming and made this trip a memory that will last forever.  And the Kempfer family for opening up your home to me you will forever be in my heart.

God Bless,
Jeannette Lynn Hull

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hello cattlemen and rodeo fans! The National Western Stock Show and Rodeo in Denver, Colo., was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. And such a great way to kick off my year. During my week in Denver I was able to meet the Pikes Peak Rangerettes, the Westernaires, many famous cowboys and cowgirls. I was also able to meet Sharon Camarillo and can’t wait for her clinic at Black Hawk College in Galva, Ill., May 11-13. It was so exciting to meet so many of my rodeo heroes. I was able to see my fellow state titleholders again--Vegas had been too long. I love sharing the passion for rodeo with so many nice ladies. While in Denver I had the opportunity to run sponsorship and event flags. Cervi’s horses are a blast to ride. I was able to help give out the Justin Boot Certificates, sign autographs at the RAM booth, and help throw t- shirts to the crowds for the Powerball Giveaway. I met the stagecoach driver of the Percherons, these horses are graceful gentle giants. Greg Westfall ,the photographer for the rodeo did an amazing job all week capturing each special moment during the performances. Miss Rodeo Idaho’s National Director Stevie Beehler and Miss Rodeo Idaho Caitlin Thorton were kind enough to accompany me to Market W.E.S.A. where I met with Wrangler, Montana Silversmith, Reata Ranch Gear, Bailey Hat Company, Weaver Leather, and so many other vendors who will join my list of sponsors throughout this year. Dan Post Boots is also going to continue their sponsorship with us. Denver was such an amazing opportunity that I will never forget and can’t wait to go back. I learned I have a lot of work ahead of me. Thank you goes to Jodie Witt, Paul Andrews, the Cervi’s, and Denver for being so kind and welcoming and having me apart of the 106th National Western Stock Show and Rodeo. 

The last weekend in January I had the opportunity to go to Moline to the World’s Toughest Rodeo produced by Three Hills Rodeo Inc. They have been producing rodeos for over 30 years and have over 500 head of bucking horses, bulls, and cow calf pairs! This was so special to me because it was in my home state. I was able to take part in the pre-rodeo show and sign autographs with the bullfighters and the cowboys and cowgirls as well as other rodeo royalty--Miss Teen Rodeo Illinois Mikhayla DeMott, Illinois High School Rodeo Queen Jacy Littrell, and Illinois Junior Rodeo Princess Shayna VanDerLeest. The girls and I got to ride in the back of the RAM truck and throw RCC Western Stores Frisbees to the crowd as the barrels were getting put in place. I got to meet Tim “Wild Thang” Lepard the owner of the Team Ghost Riders-three monkeys Laramie, Mega, and Dakota and three dogs Ted, Dog, and Spot. If you’ve never seen his act it is definitely one not to miss. Watching these monkey cowboys ride the dogs to heard the ram goats onto the RAM truck is amazing to watch. Tim has such a great talent with these animals. Thank you Marla and Dave Moorehead for having all of us at your rodeo. I’m so thankful for everything you all do in the rodeo industry. While there I ran into a couple I met six years ago and since then they have been going rodeos in the state of Illinois. This means so much to me because I hope to introduce more new people to the rodeo industry. To see the entire arena filled in Moline brings hope that each rodeo I go to I can help in some way to fill their stands each performance.

Remember, “It’s not where you start but where you end up!”

Love always & God Bless, Jeannette Lynn

Jeannette Lynn Hull of Mansfield, Illinois, is a junior at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale where she is an Illinois Soybean Checkoff Scholar. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy within the Plant and Soil Sciences Department. Her goal is to earn a Master’s degree in Plant Breeding and Genetics, where she plans to work for a leading crop production company developing new varieties that will produce record-breaking yields, and have resistance to crop pests and pathogens. She is active in Collegiate FFA, PAS, and Block and Bridle Club. While attending Parkland College she was the Equestrian Team president and competed in reining. There she placed 4th in the Nation in Agri-Business, and was a National Qualifier in Equine Management in PAS. Jeannette is the daughter of David and Tammy Hobbs and has a brother, Travis. Jeannette served as the 2007 PRCA Piatt County TrailBlazer’s Rodeo Queen and was a world qualifier for the National Barrel Horse Association since 1998. Jeannette was an NBHA Barrel Racing Champion from1998-2002. She is a member of the Illinois Quarter Horse Association, the American Quarter Horse Association, and NBHA. In addition to her professional duties as Miss Rodeo Illinois, Jeannette volunteers with the C-Bar Land and Cattle Company’s Drill Team, Riding Clubs, and Shriners Hospitals for Children. In her spare time she enjoys trail riding, barrel racing, hunting, four-wheeling, wakeboarding, camping, working out, scrapbooking, going to church, cooking, zumba, fishing, being outdoors, educating children about the sport of rodeo, drug and alcohol abuse, and continuing education, spending time with friends and family, and helping out on her grandfather’s farm.

“As a young cowgirl, I learned it is not where you start but where you end up.  I want to share my love for rodeo, the standards, and excitement that rodeo brings to me with others as Miss Rodeo Illinois.  It is my job to make a difference serving others within our state and nation bringing industries closer together, and to promote the great sport of rodeo!  To me being part of the “rodeo family” is that rodeo is not just a sport it’s a way of life!”   

As the reigning Miss Rodeo Illinois 2012, Jeannette will be competing in the 58th Miss Rodeo America pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada, in conjunction with the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (PRCA).

~ Jeannette Lynn Hull

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