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Cassandra's Sponsors

Diamond Crown - $1,500 & Up

Prairie Photo Studio

Sunset Swings

Vista Appaloosas Mark and Renee Michl

Golden Spur - $1,000 to $1,499       

Bob Berg Designs Inc.

Randy and Terri Staley


Silver Sash - $500 to $999

Dr. Olsen
Roger & Deb Schone – Schone’s Friendship Farm

Illinois High School Rodeo Association
Big Red Barn
Parker Run Vineyard

Mike and Kay Stevens

Brian & Jackie Anseeuw 

Bronze Buckle - $250 to $499

Horse Creek Outfitters - Springfield & Macomb
Embellished By Dottie
Richard  & Peggy Jayne
Brian Fotzler
Steve Sims

The Arena News

Crescent Cleaners
Brad & Penny Blaser
Roland & Thelma Brandt
Dr. Fullenkamp


New Windsor Horse Show committee
Arthur & Heather Aaronson
Dave & Angie Hildebrand
Dan Post Boots

Friend of Miss Rodeo Illinois – Up to $249

Elaine Adams                            
Charles & Connie Alexander        
Sharon Anderson           
The Argus                                
Bernie B.                                  
Dr. Bay
Big Pappa’ Mobile DJ                 
Brad & Penny Blaser                  
Blessed by Nature Health Store
Boney’s Hardwear                      
Larry& Terri Carls                     
Terri Carpenter
Zack Carter                              
Mark & Becky Catlett                 
Comedy Sports                          
Gary & Rosemary Cooper           
County Healing Hands                
Chicago White Sox                     
Crane & Pelican Café                 
Creative Plant Scapes                 
Diamond J Leather, Jill Bailley     
Mike, Robin & Mikhay√la DeMott 
Larry & Sally Derham                
 Phil Denton                  
Tammy Douglas                        
Farm & Fleet                            
Brian Fotzler Dorothy Jones
Wayne and Marty Gurlach
Tammy Douglas
Theresa Rasche and Lilah
Judy Baker
Becky Bloom
Lary and Terri Carls
John and Lisa Philbert
Michele Sweeney
Starla and Mike Martens
Doug and Darcy McLaughlin
Jack and Ann Whan
Brandon Schurr
Cheryl Thurman
Dale and Tawnya Herschelman
Holdsworth Farms Rick and Debra
Roxanne Lucas
Eileen Fuhr
Gary and Ruth Hund
Rob and Tracy Wyant
William and Shawn Wyant
Curt and Polly Hagey
Brian and Gina Owen
Lori Rind
Terry and Jacy Littrell
Michele Weston & Chelsea Vyncke


Galesburg Horse Market             
Scott & Norma Galvin               
Tammie George & family
Barry Gerischer                         
Cathy Gleason                           
Bonnie Hammond                     
Luke Harkey                             
David & Angela Hildebrandt       
Katie Homrighausen                   
Jeannette Hull                           
 Hung Po Kuo Acupuncture         
HyVee Milan, IL                        
Illinois State Stock Horse Assoc.  
Anna Johnston                          
Jeronimo’s Bar                          
Sharon Ruth & Mark Kay           
Ronald & Robin King                 
Kathy Little                               
Don McLaughlin                        
Gayle McLaughlin                      
Kirby McLaughlin                      
James & Helen Marshal              
Leland & Nan Martin                 
Mark & Renne Michl                  
Dick & Angie Newton                
Virgil & Nancy Nice                   
Roger Spivey
Bev Gryp
Cyndi and Stephanie Adams,
Miss New Windsor Fair and Rodeo
Lindsey DeDecker
Kathy Yoe
Shelby Hilderbrandt
Virgil and Nacy Nice
Curt and  Deb Anderson
Summer Northcutt
Carla Montgomery
Angela Spurgetis
Charley and Whitney Martin
Ron and Rose Northcutt
Andrea Miller
Erin Miller
David Staley
Amanda Paxton
Jason Whitmire
Cheryl and Katie Perry
Dean Roling Family
Rhoda and Cayley Staker
Brian and Sandy Harkey
Sheila Pauletti


Noah’s Arc Chiropractic             
Outback Steakhouse                   
Brooke Owen                            
PB Simmentals                          
Dr. Panozzo      
Caleb Paniamogan                      
Robert & Barbara Papenhausen   
George Polios                            
Theresa Rascke & Lilha              
Reynolds American Legion          
River Bandits                            
Robin Rudy-Palos                      
Lance & Rebecca Russell            
Joseph & Connie Schurr             
Roger & Deb Shone                   
Jim & Peggy Skoff                     
Rob & Cheryl Spangler               
Cassie Smith                              
Linda Sullivan                            
Dwayne & Shirley Swicker          
TPC Foods                               
Grandma Barb Thompson          
Grandma Marlene Traum           
Triple A Rentals                        
WLLR Radio Station                  
Joy Wilson

Jason Henning
Sandy Mueller
Mary Boucher
Molly Bell
Rob and Betsy Davidson
Robin Aaronson
Don McLaughlin
Cindy Meirhaeghe
Pam Barenger
Morgan Miles
Nick Frisk
Brett and Linley Stees
Kayla Easley New Windsor Fair & Rodeo Princes
Covey or Quail
Teskeys, Jeff Hartong
Warren and Debbie Birley

Tri-City Trailriders

Aledo Blue Spruce Lodge
Johne Dobbs Quarter Horses & Equine Insurance
Victor and Carrie Weihler
Advantage Valet Parking Inc, DBA Health Park



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